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Our History

People United of Louisiana LLC was established in June 2009. It is currently one of the newest support coordination agencies in Region 8. We will provide a quality service because our staff is highly trained, experienced, and courteous. People United will assist individuals to remain living in their homes or with their families by connecting them to needed supports and services in their community.

Each recipient of the Medicaid waiver and targeted support coordination has freedom to choose their provider. The individual’s choice of support coordination or direct service provider does not affect their eligibility for waiver and state-plan programs or support coordination services.

Medicaid recipients receiving support coordination services from the Office of Aging and Adult Services (OAAS) may contact the OAAS Help Line at 1-866-758-5035, OAAS Regional Office at 318-362-5070.


People United of Louisiana’s mission is “to promote quality, improve and impact patient care, while positively progressing toward their goals and healthcare outcomes.”

People United offers an array of diversified services that will meet the complex mental health, social, educational and occupational needs of the school systems, judicial systems, hospitals, and communities at large. People United Behavioral Health/Mental Health Rehabilitation Program utilizes the Child Adolescents Service System Program (CASSP) to meet the needs of mentally ill children and adolescents. The CASSP principles focus on children striving to reach their highest independent functioning level and empowering families. We will continuously provide well qualified, professional staff through ongoing training of the most up-to-date modalities. We will assist families and individuals to cope with their problems and restore them to their optimal level of functioning.


“Our vision is to educate, assess, coordinate, plan and monitor services required to meet our client’s healthcare needs. We envision that consumers will be educated based on the case managers education, research and development, and we will reach those goals by achieving wellness and a client centered support system.”

People United will provide quality and effective professional services to individuals, families, and communities by utilizing a recovery model from a holistic perspective. We will strive to assess the ongoing needs of our communities and develop programs that are on the cutting edge that best meet those needs. It is our vision to remain in the forefront of service delivery in the mental health and social services industries for the home, school and community.

Our Belief

  • That we can best treat individuals with a mental illness by educating the individual and their natural supports on how to cope with the symptoms of their illness.
  • That we can restore individuals to their ideal level of functioning in the home, school and community.
  • That we can provide the best services to youth and adults seeking mental health services.


  • Board Certified Psychiatric Director
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Masters Level Counselors
  • Masters Level Social Workers

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Staff

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